Is Offshore or onshore better for your business?

Should you be interested in moving your company and assets? Offshore or Onshore which is the best solution for your business?

As it has been the case for some time offshore jurisdictions have always pertained some interest to investors. In the past there were some offshore jurisdictions that provided viable options with laws that were strict enough along with a stable banking system.

But is this still the case now days? Is an offshore jurisdiction still the best option if you are interested in optimizing your taxes payable?

Following the major scandal with the so called “Panama Papers” and its follow up we believe they are not anymore. At the time of writing this article it is mainly considered by government bodies that if one is to use an offshore jurisdiction it is for a tax avoidance purpose. Even if this may not be the case.

There is however a solution that can be found for this!

Bulgaria currently has the most favorable tax jurisdiction in the world.

The country has introduced a flat corporate tax of 10% from the net profit as well as a flat income tax of 10%. These will provide business owners with the best way to 100% legally minimize their taxes payable and gain a competitive advantage over their direct competitors.

The next question that one should ask is how can this be achieved?

Thanks to modern advances in internet security it is now possible to complete the whole process remotely. This includes full company incorporation, bank account, receipt of all corporate certificates etc.

AtBulgarian Law we have a dedicated team of lawyers, solicitors, accountants and economists that can assist you in every step of the way.

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Offshore or Onshore Register Company in Bulgaria

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