What are the options for obtaining a Bulgarian Passport and Citizenship


A common question we receive on our website and through our contacts. What are the options for obtaining a Bulgarian Passport.

Being a lawyers corporation with 21 years of experience in the field we would like briefly describe the opportunities available for obtaining a Bulgarian Passport or a Bulgarian permanent residence.

There are three options and each one will be described below in detail:


I.                 Investment in a Real Estate Property in amount of 600 000 BGN (approx. 305 000 EUR)

The investor registers a company in Bulgaria where he owns minimum 51% of the shares.

The company then purchases a real estate property for the amount of 600 000BGN (approx. 305 000 EUR). On the basis of this investment the individual can apply for a long term residence.


II.               Permanent Residence and a Bulgarian Passport through investment in Bulgarian government bonds.

The investor invests the amount of 1 000 000 BGN (ca. 512 000 EUR) into Bulgarian government bonds.

On the basis of the investment the investor is given a permanent residence status. At this point the investment is doubled for another 1 000 000 BGN (ca. 512 000 EUR) and in ca.2 years from the first investment the client receives a Bulgarian Passport and citizenship.

III.             The third option is to open a company with a minimum of 10 Bulgarian employees on its payroll.

After incorporation a company with a minimum of 10 Bulgarian employees you are allowed to bring one foreign worker that will be granted a residency status in Bulgaria.


IV.          The fourth option is to form a Bulgarian Company whose shares are not traded on the regulated stock exchange market, for with a registered capital equal to or greater than 6 000 000 BGN. 


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